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Fellowship employers are some of Canada’s most innovative startups from companies listed on Deloitte’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Canadian Startups to VFC alumni Fellow-founded ventures. Partners are less than twelve years old and have fewer than 200 employees.


of Fellowship Partners indicate that a VFC Fellow has met or exceeded their expectations of a recent graduate hire.

“Fellows ask great questions, speak candidly, and never shy away from stretch projects.”
Zakir Hemraj Zakir Hemraj CEO & Co-founder

of Fellowship Partners would recommend VFC to another startup.

“VFC exposes candidates to the problems faced by new ventures making them more comfortable independent problem-solvers!”
Daniela Pico Daniela Pico Director of External Relations

of Fellowship Partners agree that VFC Fellows take less time and investment to onboard than other comparable hires.

“Few things I have been a part of have been as impactful to an organization as bringing on a world-class teammate just as they hit their stride.”
Brendan Coady Brendan Coady Mechanical Designer
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