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DEI Metrics

In the Fellowship Program

Bursary Fund: $24,000 providing equitable access to Fellows with financial hardships.


0% 0% Females
0% 0% Male
0% Preferred not to respond

Other Demographics

0% 0% speak a first language other than English or French
0% 0% are first-generation immigrants
0% 0% identify members of the LGBTQQIP2SAA
0% 0% identify as a member of a racialized group
0% 0% are the first to graduate from post-secondary in their families
0% 0% come from families with combined family incomes under 100K
0.0% of Fellows identify as having a disability

underrepresented Internship numbers

The five categories below are classified as underrepresented by Employment and Skill Development Canada (ESDC), the Internship Program funder. 32% of interns came from these underrepresented categories in 2020

0% 0% Women in STEM
0% 0.0% Newcomers to Canada
0% 0.0% Persons with disabilities
0% 0% Indigenous
0% 0% studying in their first year
“VFC laid the foundation for me as an entrepreneur, leader, business owner, and public speaker. For that I am grateful and I will continue to give back to the student entrepreneur community.”
Emily Vilcsak
Emily Vilcsak VFC Intern Calgary, AB