State of the Ecosystem

It takes a village

Over the past 10 years, we’ve met a host of ecosystem collaborators working toward the same mission–fostering a more equitable and inclusive Canada.

We've gathered key insights from leaders across industries, education, and entrepreneurship, along with experts on the trends shaping work-integrated learning and the Canadian workforce.

Here's what they had to say on the current entrepreneurial landscape and what the future might hold.

Key Insights

  • Entrepreneurial Revival: Canada's entrepreneurial numbers are declining despite population growth. Immediate action is needed to support and empower new founders, providing backing beyond just financial, to stimulate innovation across the country.
  • Expanding Learning Horizons: The shift toward virtual learning platforms is transforming work-integrated learning, broadening access, and ensuring that students across all backgrounds can participate fully.
  • Redefining Work Culture: The future of work hinges on creating inclusive environments that value diversity and flexibility. This shift is essential for fostering innovation and responding effectively to economic changes.