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Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program

Where it began

We built the Fellowship Program in 2013 to create new pathways for more young Canadians to join dynamic startups.

3 Core Pillars

  • Entrepreneurial Skill Building
  • Career Development
  • Community


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2023: at a glance

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Entrepreneurial skills

Over the past decade, through a mix of cultural trends and shifts, expectations from an entreprenerial career have evolved to include the desire to create impact for others. We've embraced this shift by sharpening the soft skills key to succeeding in a professional world today with current standards and expectations.

Initiative, effective communication, collaboration, and resilience are in high demand by employers looking for entry-level hires who can seize opportunities, juggle tasks, and innovate. We develop these skills through:

  • Learning by doing: Group projects, hackathons and mini-sprints that mimic real-world scenarios.
  • Discussion + reflection: Structured debriefs to deepen understanding and integrate personal and emotional experiences.
  • Peer Supports: Alumni network for mentorship, support, and perspective.
“I've had a great experience with the program and believe it really helps entry level talent find a pathway to their career.”
Sarah Crandlemire

Career development

Over the years, we’ve explored the meaning and value of ‘career clarity.’ Recognizing it's an ongoing journey rather than a destination, we support our Fellows with several targeted initiatives:

  • Career Exploration: We host sessions, community conversations and podcast episodes on diverse career paths within the startup ecosystem. Alumni, founders and industry leaders share their highs and lows, provide Fellows with a richer understanding and tools to navigate their career paths effectively.
  • Career Coaching: Launched in 2022, our 1:1 coaching model speeds up the hiring process significantly. Each Fellow gets a dedicated coach for regular sessions, focusing on everything from pre-job preparation and offer negotiations to navigating the early stages of a new job.
  • Hiring Support: We've moved away from a structured matching process to more flexible, informal coffee chats and networking events. This approach encourages Fellows to take ownership of their career development and fosters organic connections and partnerships beneficial for Fellows and the startup community.

“Venture for Canada changed my life with entrepreneurial and business workshops, networking sessions with influential and inspiring business leaders, and memories to last forever! The most important aspect I got out of spending 3 weeks (in-person) at Queen's University was meeting an all-star group of Fellows who represent tomorrow's brilliant, compassionate, and ambitious minds.”

Andrew Herold
Andrew Herold
2022 Fellow


We've learned that community is the cornerstone of the Fellowship program. Throughout the year, this tight-knit group supports each other through the ups and downs of career transitions.

Our experience has taught us that the strength of this community is rooted in in-person interactions. While we adapted to virtual delivery during the pandemic, recognizing its potential to broaden our reach and amplify impact, we believe the foundation of our community must be built in person.

“I have enjoyed meeting and working with the team and my fellows. So much of my community returns back here, and I am so grateful personally and professionally to have learned so much from the training camp and beyond. The network is incomparable, and I would not be where I am with the mindset I have without them.”

Andrew Canete
Andrew Canete
2023 Fellow


Amidst economic uncertainties and a global pandemic, we have observed a significant increase in requests for financial aid. In response, we have implemented several support mechanisms to ensure equitable access:

  • Tiered Grant Support: Originally launched in 2019 as a scholarship program to cover fees and living expenses for our in-person Training Camp, we renamed our scholarships as grants in 2023. A tiered grant support system was introduced to provide targeted support to those with the greatest need.
  • Travel Stipends: We offer travel stipends to alleviate the financial burden of transportation for Fellows attending Training Camp from various parts of the country, facilitating their participation without financial strain.