Building VFC


Digital Collaboration

Over the past decade, we have strategically embraced technological advancements to better meet the growing demands of our programs for students and employers.

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Enhancing Collaboration

Our core tech stack, including HubSpot, Zoom, Slack, Google Workspace, Typeform, Zapier, and SMS as a customer success tool has allowed us to continuously enhance our capacity for digital collaboration.

In 2023 alone, we hosted 8,000+ Zoom meetings, we brought together 30,000+ participants for nearly 1 million minutes of nationwide connection. Over 200,000 Slack messages were exchanged allowing us to collaborate effectively from coast to coast.

In-House Tech Breakthrough

In 2023, we developed an in-house tech solution for our Intrapreneurship program, replacing an inefficient third-party platform. Leveraging our existing tools like Google Workspace, Zapier, and, we created a streamlined system that allows students to choose their projects.

This new approach, shaped by staff and stakeholder feedback, has boosted engagement and reduced drop-off rates. It’s cut costs, improved leadership, and set a new standard in Work-Integrated Learning.

AI-Driven Efficiency

Since ChatGPT's launch in November 2022, this tool has been a game-changer.

We’re using AI features in our current platforms to enhance program delivery and insights. Zapier's AI now automates thousands of routine tasks for us, allowing our team to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

Data integrity for impact

Programs are the backbone of VFC, and data is the backbone of our programs.

As a charity, we are accountable for providing accurate data to funders. Moreover, insight gleaned from our data highlights growth opportunities, giving us the confidence to scale and diversify our programs.

As VFC has grown, we've moved from an ad hoc and reactive approach to a formalized methodical approach. In the past, different approaches to data and analysis led to inconsistencies, and the recent introduction of our data team, best practices and standards helped us formalize accurate and consistent data management.

Integrating HubSpot into our core tech stack has been one of the biggest game changers for us, consolidating all our data into one easy-to-use platform accessible to staff across teams. This CRM allows to run programs, develop marketing strategies, and track all conversations and contacts all in one space. The capabilities of this platform have continuously impressed us, unlocking new opportunities for learning and program development beyond what we previously thought possible.

  • Integrate AI Mindfully: As we begin to leverage tools like AI and machine learning, it's crucial to maintain an ethical framework. This involves being vigilant about the potential impacts of technologies on our team and the communities we serve, ensuring that innovation does not come at the cost of our values.
  • Enhance Cybersecurity Measures: As a remote-first organization, remaining strong in our digital defenses remains crucial as cybersecurity threats continue to evolve in sophistication and scale. Implementing advanced analytics like user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) and exploring AI-driven strategies will be essential for all remote organizations to help preemptively detect and mitigate potential risks tied to user behaviour and actions.
  • Adopt Green Technologies: Align with eco-friendly practices by incorporating sustainable materials and partnering with green-tech vendors. This shift not only reduces our environmental footprint but also positions VFC as a leader in sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Stay Adaptive + Proactive: In the face of rapidly changing technology landscapes, maintaining flexibility in our strategies and operations is essential. This approach allows us to continuously refine our programs and ensure they meet the current and future needs of our community.
“We hired one of our best employees in 2022 via VFC, who is still with our company today. This employee has continued to grow since joining and understood the unique requirements and rigors of a startup. We recommend VFC highly to other startups looking to find employees like this in the future.”
Nathan Mah
Co-Founder, Mero