Leadership Foreword

A decade of diversifying Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape

Parm Gill
Parm Gill
Board Chair
Scott Stirrett
Scott Stirrett
Founder & CEO

Dear Venture for Canada Supporters and Stakeholders,

As Venture for Canada (VFC) observes a decade of service in developing entrepreneurial skills in Canadian youth, we take a moment to reflect on our collective journey and the milestones achieved.

The past ten years have seen VFC at the forefront of innovation in entrepreneurial education, equipping young Canadians with skills such as creativity, collaboration, and resilience. Making entrepreneurial skill development accessible, especially in communities underrepresented in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, strengthens the fabric of Canada.

Over the past decade, VFC:

  • Supported over 12,000 work-integrated learning experiences for young Canadians, reflecting expansive reach across the country's start-ups and small businesses. 
  • Championed diversity by supporting students from underrepresented communities through targeted programs that dismantle barriers and foster inclusive growth. 
  • Created spaces where women, racialized individuals, the LGBTQ+ community, and others can develop pivotal entrepreneurial skills.

Through these efforts, VFC is diversifying the entrepreneurial landscape and ensuring it mirrors the rich tapestry of Canadian society.

Envisioning the next decade

As we forge ahead into the next decade, VFC is prepared to embrace the challenges of technological advances, economic shifts, and new work paradigms. We anticipate emerging trends with a strategic vision that remains steadfast in its goal of deepening our systemic impact in Canada and advocating for the essential role of entrepreneurship in society.

Our vision is for VFC to serve over 25,000 young Canadians annually by VFC's 20th anniversary.

An entrepreneurial culture, which encourages people to identify and act upon opportunities to create value for others, is essential to improving a country's quality of life. Entrepreneurial behaviour creates economic growth and innovation, which enhances our capacity to tackle challenges such as an ageing population and climate change.

But Canada's insufficient entrepreneurial culture poses an existential risk to its future. Our country scores poorly in surveys that measure entrepreneurial values, especially accepting competition and teaching children to be independent. Venture for Canada's work is critical to Canada's future, and much must be done.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone participating in this journey, including staff, volunteers, donors, board members, and other community members.

Through our collective efforts, we are redefining the entrepreneurial landscape to be more inclusive, impactful, and innovative.

VFC has laid strong foundations over the past decade that we are excited to build over the coming ten years. In increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times, Canada needs people with entrepreneurial skills more than ever.