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VFC’s #1 strength? Our people.

Ambitious, curious, and open-minded, our staff culture is built on integrity and inclusiveness. As fast movers and critical thinkers, we refuse to settle for the status quo, consistently innovating and iterating.

As a remote-first and people-first organization, we celebrate every win – no matter how big or small. Our #remote-life Slack channel is always abuzz with something new, whether it’s celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries, PR card arrivals or even hosting virtual pet parades. Expressing gratitude and offering words of encouragement to our colleagues has become second nature to us, reflected in our daily updates and #vfc-staff-gratitude channels.

After two years of remote operations from coast to coast, we were excited to reconvene in person this year. Team retreats, events, and office re-openings brought us together with a sense of renewed energy and enthusiasm for our work.

The impact highlighted in this report stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared commitment of our team who not only find passion but derive joy from the impact we create and the meaningful relationships we build along the way.

We want to thank every staff member whose contributions directly fuelled VFC’s innovation and growth in 2022.

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