2032 Targets

A Look to 2032

Where we’re headed

Based on our strategic vision, we have outlined a set of goals for the next decade, which will serve as a guiding framework for our annual initiatives. By 2032, our aim is to achieve the following impact:

Direct Impacts:

  • 20% of young Canadians participate in an entrepreneurial work-integrated learning experience.
  • Demographics of Canada’s entrepreneurial leaders reflect the country’s diversity. 
  • 75,000 Canadians start a business in 2032 compared to ~45,000 in 2018

Indirect Impacts:

  • Labour productivity is at parity with other G8 countries.
  • Canada ranks #1 in the world in the OECD’s Better Life Index, which measures factors such as housing, civic engagement, and the environment.

Impact area targets

Entrepreneurial Skills Development

Fostering entrepreneurial skills and mindsets to equip young leaders to tackle complex challenges. 2032 Targets:

  • >85% of VFC program participants report increased entrepreneurial skills (based on most up to date EntreComp model)
  • 25,000 participants 80% low-contact programs, 15% medium-contact programs, 5% high-contact programs)
  • 30% of alumni launch entrepreneurial ventures (compared to 13.6% of self-employed Canadians)
  • 10,000 jobs created by VFC alumni
  • 250 alumni in C-suite roles (0.5% of Canadian executives) 

Network building

Investing in community to support & guide the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. 2032 Targets:

  • 90% of VFC program participants agree or strongly agree that the VFC network has been helpful to their career development
  • 40% of alumni from high-contact programs continue to engage with the organization (judging, coffee chats, slack, donate) and attend events (conference, summit, lecture series)
  • 35% of alumni from high-contact VFC programs report regularly engaging in a professional capacity with someone they met through VFC

Championing EDI

Disproportionately focus on underserved individuals to create more innovation and impact through diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems. 2032 Targets:

  • Ensure that VFC program participant demographics are 25% over census baseline for groups that are underrepresented in entrepreneurship, such as women, LGBT+, Black, and Indigenous people.
  • Formal partnerships with organizations working with the above communities.