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Fellowship at glance

The Fellowship Program provides access to a curated pool of vetted and trained recent graduates, saving startups time and resources integrating entry-level team members. Dynamic, adaptive Fellows are selected for the Fellowship Program based on grit at a time when resilience is as essential as technical ability.

“We have loved being partners with VFC. We met lots of great candidates and hired two graduates on our Sales Development team, who both have made a big impact within their first 3 months with us (one is in a lead role and the other started a podcast!). The Entrepreneurial skills VFC grads bring with them are invaluable, as in a tech start-up where things move fast -- the team members that think quick on their feet, fail fast, wear many hats, and are open to experimenting are often the ones who grow quickly and thrive. Working remotely, and in a constantly changing world, we need empathetic, resourceful, and resilient thinkers now more than ever.”

Lisa Elder
Lisa Elder
Director of People & Talent @#paid
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Internship at glance

Startups and SMEs often lack the resources or time to address finding, paying for, and integrating interns. VFC offers 50-70% wage subsidies and Canada's only Internship Program that exposes driven post-secondary students to entrepreneurial & work-readiness training so they can contribute from day one.

“TimberTop Adventures Inc. and Venture for Canada have become a partnership of youth empowerment, creativity and forward thinking like Jagger/Richards and Swift/Antonoff. VFC gets it, they breathe the same creativity and entrepreneurship air that we do. From day one, VFC realized these skills as a requirement for young adults to possess for businesses to thrive but most importantly for young students to become successful.  TimberTop interns continue to take part in VFC’s professional development seminars, online video tutorials and have a personal mentorship dialog with VFC representatives which continues long after their work term. Since our first group of interns in 2018, students have been 100% successful in graduating from their post-secondary institution and numerous students have continued to other start-ups, their own businesses, medical school, and graduate studies.”

LeRoy Vincent
LeRoy Vincent
Operations Manager @TimberTop Adventures
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Intraprenuership at glance

The Intrapreneurship Program offers fully subsidized project support from teams of 2-5 students during 7-week placements. VFC Intrapreneurs bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, eagerly seeking hands-on work experience while completing their studies.

“My experience with the Intrapreneurship Program allowed me to realize the great potential of my project and make it a reality. VFC supported me in the effective writing of my vision in order to better attract students to get involved in the growth of projects. Venture for Canada is an institution that cares about Canadian small businesses by offering them high-value tools so that they, in turn, can one day become a pillar in the entrepreneurial world. I am infinitely grateful to them. Seven weeks later, the results are concrete and my growth is real.  I had the privilege to work with an amazing team. I keep being surprised by the possibilities of this project. All thanks to devoted and competent students from Venture for Canada. I worked, or should I say, was inspired by 4 striving, intelligent future leaders in the becoming. The growth of Mon Design Ma Kay is because of the time invested, suggestions, leadership and enormous vision of the 4 students I worked with.”

Georgie Lubin
Georgie Lubin
Founder @ Mon Design Ma Kay
Access 100% subsidized project support from teams of innovative students
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“Your program turns out great candidates, who are much more prepared to hit the ground running than your typical right out of university grad.”
Jonathan Ruch
Fellowship Employer @CPG